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Heavy-Duty Dog Tie Out Stakes

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Heavy-Duty Dog Tie Out Stake. Ground Anchors for Any Size of Pets Large and Small

  • ENGINEERED and TESTED: Our patent pending dog stake is engineered with a no-budge design; once driven into the ground, the stake doesn't budge nor pull out even by a large dog's force. You can rest assured your beloved pet is kept in one place, safe, & secure.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED: This ground anchor is easy to drive into the ground without using a hammer or other tools. Simply use the driver provided, and anchor away. It only takes a matter of seconds!
  • CONNECT AND PLAY: Your dog tie out cable and stake combination is as simple as it gets. Just use any leash or chain you use to hold your pet , then connect the leash to your tie down anchor.
  • THREAD WITH EASE: This tie out stake for large dogs is very easy to thread with your leash or cable . We keep it simple: drive the spiral stake in, and call it a day. Easy, quick, and nearly effortless.
  • NO TANGLES: Tangled pets are not a thing with our stake for dog tie out . Use it outdoors and transition from keeping them in place to walking them with ease thanks to our leash tethering design.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I was sceptical that a single pole driven into the ground would hold our dog when he protects his territory, but it most definitely does. Now i want to test it in all different types of environments. Easy to use. Very nice product.


Earth & Skye's Dog Tie Out is a robust and sturdy feeling thing. The metal used is dense, thick, and does not bend at all. The tie out has a long pointed stake that you drive into the ground by using the colored top section to hammer it into the ground using an up and down motion. It works pretty well, but I did have to search a bit for slightly softer ground to make driving it down easier.Once it is installed you can attached your dog's lead in two ways. The first is to use the hand loop at the end of the lead by running it through a hoop and securing it over a hook on the tie out. The other way is to use a clip and attach it directly to the hoop. I've used both methods and they are easy to attach and remove.My Wheaton Terrier can be a strong puller, especially when she sees wildlife, and this tie out has done a great job of keeping her secure. It has not lifted out of the ground, and it spins so she doesn't get tangled up.I leave it in the ground until the winter when I store it in my basement. Earth & Skye included a plastic cover for the spike when it's not in use.All in all... a terrific tie out.

Works Perfectly

This worked perfectly. It’s so hard finding a place to tie our pup up while camping and going out. This worked perfectly. Also we loved the color choices. We got a pink one too.


Used this to secure our 25 lb squirrel-loving fox terrier in clay heavy Western PA soil. It didn't budge an inch all day. The self-hammering feature could work in softer soil, but we had to use a sledge hammer (but a mallet would have worked) because the soil was impossibly hard. The leash loop is ingenious, just put the leash through the loop and easily hook the end when you don't want to use a cable (sold separately). We also had a cable and it works great with that as well. Love the powder coat, easy to see so no fear of tripping over it or leveling it with the mower.


I was having trouble finding something my German Shepherd did not pull out of the ground. This is sturdy and easy to install just what I needed!

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