10 Wilderness Items You Must Always Keep In Your Survival Kit

10 Wilderness Items You Must Always Keep In Your Survival Kit

Natural calamities are happening more often nowadays. So, having survival kits in your house and maybe even in your car is more necessary than ever. Especially if you're an outdoor enthusiast and love camping often, you should definitely have a survival kit as standard! You never know when something goes wrong, and your life falls in danger. When a hurricane or a snowstorm hits suddenly, families have to flee immediately. 

However, if you bring well-thought-out survival gear with you, your chances of surviving will be improved. It can make the difference between life and death sometimes. However, before you search for emergency survival kits for sale, you need to remember that different people need different sorts of tools in their survival kit. For example, a survival kit to be prepared for a calamity and a survival kit for camping enthusiast will be a little different. 

You'll need to tailor yours to your personal requirements and the situations you'll most likely experience. That's why I advise avoiding buying a pre-assembled kit. Not that I've anything against those. In fact, I'm going to suggest you some at the end of the article. I just recommend building your own. In this blog post, I'll go over some of the must-have tools that you should absolutely keep in your survival kit when you put it together, 

Before You Buy Emergency Survival Kit 

If there's one thing Bear Grylls ever taught us, it's that an effective survival strategy starts with drinking as much water (or your own pee!) as possible right away. After that, you may focus on things like building a shelter, acquiring food, and travelling to safety. 

This list of essential items will focus on the most basic things for survival, according to my own experience. Yours can be different. Well, it can be your starting point. So let's end the chit chat and get into what you actually want to know. 

#1. Water & Food 

Let's start with the most essential item for human need. You need at least one gallon of water per person, each day, in sturdy bottles. Some plastics deteriorate over time. So, before storing water, be sure what you're keeping is built to endure. When it comes to food, you should store at least three days' worth of eating. Start with freeze-dried meals, high-calorie energy bars, and MREs to supplement your food supply. You'll most likely be working hard or stressed, and your body will want sufficient nourishment to remain focused and powerful. 

#2. Compass & Map

If you've access to a GPS, that's great. But you probably already know, GPS doesn't always work, especially when you need it the most. It's also crucial not to rely only on your smartphone while you're stranded in the wilderness. A map (of where you live or where you're travelling to) and compass should be included in your survival gear to guarantee that you return to the trailhead. These tools, however, are only helpful if you know how to utilize them. 

#3. Flashlight or Headlamp

You'll regret it if you don't have any source of light with you. Every outdoor survivalist knows that a headlamp is essential for navigating in the dark and on cloudy days. Headlamps provide illumination everywhere you look, allowing you to focus on your task. With a headlamp, you can cook in camp at night or early in the morning, operate under the hood of a vehicle, or enter caverns safely.

#4. Communication Device

You'll definitely try to maintain contact with others during survival situations. You must keep a shortwave radio or a mobile phone with a solar power charger in your survival kit. The radio is a better purchase since it can be used as a light, a USB charger, and a radio. You may also buy a crank radio that is powered only by your physical strength.

#5. Fire Starters

Starting a fire in the woods is one of the most crucial skills to have if you want to endure the cold, fend off hungry animals, and prepare a meal for yourself. A reliable fire starter becomes the most critical survival tool to have on hand at all times in this situation. In fact, I suggest keeping at least 3 means to light a fire. I keep matches, a BIC lighter, and a striker in my pocket. Pack some tinder to supplement this. Also, carry these in waterproof containers. Remember, fire can be a lifesaver at times. Don't forget this one! 

#6. Survival Knives

Knives are useful in many situations. You can use this as a self-defence weapon, a hunting weapon, or a tool that can be used for almost anything. You can carve wood, skin your victim, cut ropes, and cleanse your environment of flora, among other things. You don't need to keep a large Rambo-style knife or machete. Instead, choose something small and light. While buying, pay attention to the knife's type, blade, handle, and size.

#7. Signal Mirrors 

These mirrors are also known as rescue mirrors and are made especially for outdoor use and survival gear. The best thing is that you'll also be able to use these like regular mirrors. And if your journey takes a detour, you may utilize the mirror to signal for assistance. 

#8. Whistle 

Carry a top-quality whistle in your survival kit all the tune; during a survival situation, you can wear it around your neck on a string. The Universal Distress Signal (••• — — — •••) is derived from Morse Code's SOS (••• — — — •••). In a crisis, repeat your whistle blows using the 3 patterns at regular clockwork intervals, such as every 15 minutes or on the hour, until you are rescued.

#9. Cordage

Cordage - Emergency Survival Kit - Wildog

You can add two 3m plus pieces of excellent quality nylon cable or small-diameter climbing equipment cable in your kit. In addition, 3m of duct tape and 1.5m of light wire will serve as a backup for your cord. You can also buy Paracord Bracelets additionally. They are useful in a variety of scenarios like a knife. 

#10. Water Purification System

A person can last three weeks without eating, but this is not the case with water. You won't survive more than three days (or even one!) without water. I know; I suggested reserving water bottles in a survival kit. However, those won't enough most of the time, and you won't be able to carry heavy water gallons everywhere. Also, drinking water directly from the environment can be hazardous. Finally, it's the worst time to get sick! A water-filtering straw might be really beneficial in this. Water filters are useful in any situation, but they are handy when going on an excursion with a group of friends since you will need water regularly.

3 Best-Rated Emergency Survival Kit 

I said this earlier. I don't recommend buying ready-made survival kits as everyone's need is different. However, you can use our survival kits also as camping gear. We’ve got a complete array of emergency survival kits for every situation. Here are three recommendations from us. 

Winner – Professional 32-In-1 Emergency Survival Kit - Black/Green

As one of the finest survival kits on the market, the 32-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit is specially tailored and created by US military veterans, making it suitable for tactical, military, hunting, camping, firefighters, first responders, hiking, fishing, boating, trekking, and wilderness excursions. It includes 32-pieces of emergency survival equipment and emergency supplies. It's the best overall versatile kit for the price on the market right now. 

Runner Up – Kosin 18-In-1 Emergency Survival Kit

This 18-In-1 Survival Kit is the one to have if you're seeking a small survival kit with a few roadside tools. Two screwdrivers and a steel multitool with a cutting edge saw blade, can opener, bottle opener, ruler, and numerous wrench sizes set this package unique. That's in addition to gear like a wire saw, compass, thermal blanket, fire starter, and a pocket knife that you'll need in isolated areas. Basic wound care supplies are also available. The 18-piece set comes in a weatherproof rigid plastic box. This small kit is more robust than other compact kits. It is best suited as your car kit. The price almost seems like a steal! That's why it's the runner-up on our list.

Alternative – 16-In-1 Emergency Survival Kit

This is a 16-in-1 emergency survival equipment set for professionals. It includes a waterproof box, tungsten fountain pen, multifunctional spork, wire saw, folding military survival knife, 5-in-1 survival rope bracelet, fire starter, whistle, along other tools. This is a highly practical and handy survival pack that includes 16 items for camping, hunting, wilderness survival, fishing, or outdoor adventure. It's a fantastic birthday or Christmas present for dad, lover, kid, or family members. It'll be a good addition for all of the outdoor enthusiast out there. 

Last Thoughts

Finally, make sure you have the skills and knowledge to utilize your gear when the unimaginable happens. You can always take survival training, but I recommend that you start with the essentials. Set up your tent in your backyard a few times to get used to it. Assemble your water filter and run it through its paces. Make sure you're familiar with the contents of your first-aid kit and where it's kept. Spend some time camping and trekking with the big-ticket items in your kit. Take a survival skills course or join a local preparation club to learn from seasoned outdoorsmen. In a time of uncertainty, knowledge may be your most valuable asset.

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