Why You Should Buy Service Dog Tags With QR Code!

Why You Should Buy Service Dog Tags With QR Code!

We all love our dogs, and keeping them safe is often our top priority, as they are more than just pets. Our dogs are a big part of our family. With love and connection comes the fear of losing and a heightened need for security. There are plenty of different tools and accessories out there in the market, and one of the best options out there is service dog tags with QR codes. Pet tags with QR codes. While security measures like registering your pet and getting a pet ID are vital for pet security, it's not the end. Tracking a lost pet is an arduous task, and service dog identification tags make tracking and finding your furry friend much more manageable than traditional methods. In addition, it's easy to use and won't dent your wallet as well when you get a pet tag with a QR code. 

We here at WilDog specialize in pet products that make the lives of pet owners all over the US easier. Because of our specialty, we know all there is to know about pet tags with QR codes, and we thought we should let you know why you should buy service dog tags for your furry companion. In the following passages, we hope to showcase the versatility and value it provides in ensuring the safety of your four-legged pal. But before we dive into QR codes, let's discuss some standard security measures that pet owners take. Let's check them out!

Common Pet Security Measures

Pet security is a significant issue for every pet owner. Pets are childlike and can get easily distracted, excited, and overjoyed by their environment, and that can lead to them straying out of their designated place and wander about. That's a significant issue that homeowners have, and that's why many pet owners have installed automatic sensors that close the gate to make sure that your pet stays where it should, even if the gate was mistakenly left open. Another security measure that most pet owners take is fitting their furry friends with microchips. 

These chips are easily scannable and will provide all the information about the pet there is when it's lost. Most vets and animal clinics offer this service, and if you are looking to fit your dog with a chip, you can contact a vet near you. However, we must warn you that it can be very irritating for your pets, and you may find your dog trying to scratch it out. That's one of the reasons why many pet owners go for pet ID tags on the collar. All the information is listed on the tag, and when someone finds your dog, they can easily read the collar and contact you without putting an invasive microchip inside. 

ID tag security measures have been by far the most popular around, and with new technology being the driving force behind innovation, the security measure has evolved. The latest development in pet ID is digital IDs, also known as pet tags with QR codes. It is by far the most efficient way to track a missing pet, and in the following passages, we will discuss why it's something you should. So without further ado, let's begin!

Reasons To use A Service Dog Tag With QR Code

So QR codes are the next-gen version of the old barcodes we used to see on products before. However, the QR codes can now be scanned by your phone's camera. Now, the tags with QR codes work as a digital ID card for your pet that you can attach to its collar and it's all set. Unlike before, QR codes aren't only limited to the same old black and white patterns as before. You can even generate different designs using background color, a logo, or your pet's image on the QR Code to make it completely personalized. 

In addition, there are dynamic QR codes available to use for GPS scan tracking and updating information anytime you want. All you need to do to create a dynamic QR code pet tag for your dog is to put in the vital information like your dog's name, contact information, and others then hit print. After that, you can just paste it to the pet tag. You will have your service dog tag with a dynamic QR code. To better help you understand why you should buy a service dog tag with a QR code, here are some ways it will help you provide better security for your furry friend. So let's check them out!

Ensure Faster Contact Time

We love our pets, and when they get lost, we often tend to search for them frantically, and we want to find our four-legged companions as fast as possible. Well, that's where pet tags with QR codes can help out a lot. If your dog has a service dog tag with a QR code, then the person who finds your pooch first will have all the information they need to get your fur baby back to you. To make things even better, if your pet tag QR code is a Dynamic VCard QR Card, the person who found your dog will be prompted to save the information as a contact. Meaning they won't need to write up the information manually. 

Ensure Faster Contact Time - Wildog

You can even add essential details like behavior assessment and medical history in the information block of the VCard QR Code so that the one who finds your dog knows what to do around it. As you can see, it makes the process much more efficient, meaning you will have to spend less time worrying about your dog when it goes missing.

Tracking Made Easy

What sets QR codes apart from your traditional ID cards is the fact that you can even integrate geo-location tracking capabilities on them. For example, with a Dynamic QR Code, you can easily add a GPS tracking feature to the pet tag. The tracker comes online whenever the QR code is scanned, and the person who scanned it needs to allow GPS tracking. So once the person who found your dog enables GPS tracking, you will be able to find where your dog is at that given moment precisely.

Updating Information Even After Your Pet Is Lost

Now, our lives can take us to many places, and we tend to travel a lot. So whether on vacation or you have simply relocated to another place, there's every bit of a chance that you forgot to update the information on your dog's pet tag. However, a service dog tag with a dynamic QR code takes away that worry. If you are using a Dynamic QR Code tag for your pet, then you can even update your contact information after the dog has gone missing. Simply change out the details and update the dynamic QR code, and whoever scans the QR code on the pet tag will have the updated information ensuring your furry friend returns home in no time.

The Best Place To Get Pet Tags With QR Codes

So there you go, those are the reasons why you should buy a service dog tag with a QR code for your pet. As you can see, it ensures greater safety and security for your fur baby, and it's a much more efficient option for pet owners as well. Now, there are plenty of different places where you can find pet tags with QR codes but finding one that offers you value is hard to come by. That's where Wildog comes in. 

We specialize in providing pet owners with the accessories and tools to keep their pets safe while also providing camping and survival tools to satiate their wanderlust affordably. Our inventory at Wildog was specially curated and selected to offer fantastic value to our customers. You get the highest quality products at the lowest prices with free shipping and return options as well. If you hurry now, you may even find a special discount waiting for you there. 

So if you are looking for something for your pet, then please contact us, and we will take care of your needs. Let us know in the comments below what sort of pet you have. Also, hit us up on our socials and send in your thoughts and suggestions on improving our services to better cater to your needs. And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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