Why Should You Buy Elevated Dog Food & Water Bowls

Why Should You Buy Elevated Dog Food & Water Bowls

Being a dog parent, you need to keep in mind a lot of things. Your dog's comfort, needs, and requirements are your topmost priority. You would always want everything best for your pup, from food to accessories, so why pet bowls, feeders, and waterers will just be ordinary? Do you that the wrong size or height of the bowls can affect your pet's health? Therefore you need to choose the best pet food bowl for your baby. 

Types of dog bowls

You can find many pet water bowls and food bowls on the market. They come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. The 3 common dog bowl types are Plastic, Ceramic, and Metal. Let's have to take a look at the material first.

Plastic dog bowl

Plastic bowls are, you guessed it, made of plastic. They are an affordable option compared to steel or ceramic bowls. The perks of having plastic bowls are that they are unbreakable. Some are extremely malleable, which means you can fold them without damaging them. Plastic bowls are great when you are going out on vacation with your dog or doing outdoor adventures like camping or hiking. As some dog bowls are foldable and compact, they fit in smaller spaces. Plastic bowls are unbreakable, and that's why most pet owners love them but keep in mind that your dogs may chew the bowl and may get an allergic reaction. They are tough to clean, which means dirt, grime, and bacteria can stay longer.

Ceramic dog bowl

Ceramic dog bowls are heavier and fragile, which makes dog owners dread them. It also doesn't help that they are the most expensive type of dog bowls. But ceramic bowls also have significant pros to them. They do not sensitize and induce any allergic reaction to dogs. They come in various designs and colors, which can be flattering. The glossy finish of the bowl gives it a luxurious feeling. Large, energetic dogs should stay away from ceramics as they may break the bowls. Ceramic bowls are great for smaller dogs like poodles, pugs, corgis, etc.

Stainless steel dog bowl

Stainless steel dog bowls are easily the most durable, bite-proof, and safe kind of bowls for your dogs. They are easy to disinfect, which makes them a number one choice for dog owners. Now, steel bowls don't come in a lot of design or color, but they are handy. The metal won't give your dog allergies. Sometimes your dog may make clanking sounds while playing with the bowl (because dogs are dogs), so you may not like that. 

Benefits of elevated dog bowls

Some people prefer putting dog bowls on the floor while giving meals. While this isn't a bad thing for smaller pups, your larger pup needs something more. It needs elevated dog bowls. Now, what is an elevated dog bowl? An elevated dog bowl is a bowl that is raised off the ground. This is done by placing the bowls on a higher platform, just a few inches above the floor. Here are some reasons why elevated dog bowls are the best.

  1. Raised or elevated bowl helps strengthen your dog's neck muscles and improve posture. Stooping too low to eat or drink can result in a stressed spine and vertebral column. This can strain their back and cause back problems later.
  1. If your dog is old or suffering from joint problems, elevating the dog bowls can help them give comfort to the joint and the muscles. Elevated dog bowls prevent excessive bending, which gives the joints relief.
  1. Elevated bowl system helps your dog chew and swallow properly. When you elevate your dog's bowl, it allows the food to move freely and easily down their throats. This reduces the instances of choking.
  1. An elevated bowl helps your dog resist the urge of fast eating. The arrangement can slow it down while eating because it needs to eat in an upright position. The vertical position encourages them to eat systematically to prevent themselves from munching fast.
  1. Elevated bowls have benefits for humans too. It makes it easier for you to pick up on place the bowl without causing you back pain or muscle pull. If you have a problem with arthritis. This will prevent you from bending too much.
  1. Elevated bowls mean less dirty grounds. You can keep the feeding area clean very effortlessly. Keeping bowls close to your dog's mouth can prevent messing up the feeding area. Make sure the dog bowls are bigger enough to fit your dog's mouth, or else it may cause more mess.
  1. Elevated bowl stands allow you to use ceramic bowls as the bowls stand firmly inside the stand. This means no breakage or shattering of bowls due to knocking over even when your dog is in full play mode.

Our best dog bowl collections

Stainless Steel Bowl

  1. Stainless Steel Bowl - Suitable for puppies, dogs, cats, and kittens. The rubber base protects floors and prevents the bowl from sliding or slipping.
  1. Black/Blue Stainless Steel Bowl - Stainless steel core surrounded with enamel exterior with a beautiful traditional white speckled camping bowl design. A rubber ring around the bottom of the bowl prevents sliding while your pet is eating.
  1. 2-in-1 Pet Bowl - Made from food-grade safe stainless steel and eco-friendly polypropylene resin that is non-toxic and safe, and healthy to use for your pet. 
  1. Silicone Plastic Dog Bowl - Made with high-quality silicone. You also can rest assured that when your pet is enjoying food or water from one of our bowls, they're completely safe.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, all the essential things you needed to know about food bowls. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to pick the best pet bowls for your dogs. Also, we have provided some great dog bowls as recommendations if you are unsure what to buy. On that note, we are gonna sign off for today. Don't forget to read our other articles. We will be back with yet another interesting post. Till then, take care!

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