Valuable Tips For Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Lantern

Valuable Tips For Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Lantern

A camping lantern in your outdoor trips is your best friend! Whether you are camping in the forest or some local area, you need a camping lantern to lit up the surroundings around you. These lanterns have high lightning efficiency compared to a flashlight, and that's why campers love them. The lantern gives you the convenience of walking in the dark, cooking, or going to the bathroom.

There are so many different styles of camping lanterns available in the market that can get you quite confused. Which type of lanterns to buy? Is the LED camping lantern rechargeable or not? Which lanterns are better for long/short camping trips? How long do they stay charged? Are some questions and concerns campers tend to have while buying a lantern. If you are facing trouble choosing lanterns for your camping trips, here are some tips to guide you.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Lantern

The right kind

Choosing a lamp entirely depends on the type of expedition you do and how complicated your journeys are. Many campers like headlamps because the light they emit is pretty intense and robust. Also, headlamps are worn on the head that means your hands are free to carry other stuff like logs, rocks, etc. You will be able to see in the dark more clearly as the light flashes in the front.

However, a camping lantern is better used as a lamp as it's meant to stand on one spot and glow. The light is easy on the eyes and not as sharp as the headlamps. You can use camping lanterns for cooking, finding your way around a tent, for light reading, etc. Both the lamps have different usage, so it's better to have both.

The budget

Your budget should come as the second most crucial aspect after you have decided the type of lamp you wanna buy. While it's a good idea to buy a lantern that comes in an affordable price tag, cheap lanterns are mostly made of inferior quality materials. They thus aren't suitable options for heavy outdoor ventures like camping or hiking. You can buy high-end lamps with useful features, but that could cost you lots of cash. A good rule of thumb while purchasing a lantern is to buy a mid-range one. Some (not all) mid-ranged lanterns are made of quality material. They are very enduring, plus they have loads of features integrated into them as well. 


Keep in mind that you will be purchasing a lantern for camping and not using it as a bed lamp. Therefore, your lantern needs to be durable. The durability of camping lanterns varies from product to product. First, consider how many days you will spend camping and based on that aim to buy a lamp. Some lamps last for years while some for a span of weeks. Chock-full of features doesn't necessarily mean a lantern is of high quality; therefore, you should judge a lantern not by the features but by its durability. With that said, not all lanterns with features are poorly built; you just need to have a keen eye.


As mentioned earlier, there are many different camping lamps with various specifications and features. You can get many different sizes of lamps depending on what you are looking for. Some brands offer portables while some offer small to medium ranged ones. Brightness, water-resistance, durability, and lasting are essential properties you should look for while buying a lamp. There's also a USB rechargeable LED camping lantern if you don't like to use fluorescent lamps. With all the features and functionality, there is something for everyone! 

Best LED Camping Lamp - Wildog

Best LED Camping Lamp

Here are some of the best camping lamps from our store that are budget-friendly, convenient, and multifunctional.

Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

Presenting you a lightweight, multifunctional, and rechargeable LED camping lantern. These lanterns are versatile and can be used for various purposes like hiking, night walking, cooking, outdoor camping, etc. This handheld lamp is battery-operated and can last up to 3.5 hours. It consists of 6 lighting modes such as lumen flashlight mode, hurricane lamp mode, and red light mode. The lamp is water-resistant, so you can take it with you in heavy downpours and storms. The lamp is simple and easy to use and comes with a guided booklet to help you operate it. 

2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns

Equipped with 30 bright LEDs, this camping lantern glows brightly even in the darkest situations and places. The design is pretty compact and feels light to carry, hence no added bulk. With a standby of over 90 hours, it can last three times longer than most high-end camping lamps. The lamp is portable up to the point where it can collapse and become as smalls as a smartphone; therefore, it can fit in any bag pockets. The gear has high waterproofing properties and will still work even after submerging underwater. Constructed with aircraft-grade materials means it can survive falling from a decent height.

LED Camping Lantern - 2 Pack

This incredible little lantern is not only used in tents but for hiking, camping, outdoor walking, barbecue nights, etc. The lamp consists of 30 low-consumption LED bulbs and 360 luminous lights for continuous lighting. It's foldable and takes as little space as possible in the bag; therefore, it is easy to travel with. This unique lantern is exceptionally durable and runs up to 30 hours continuously. The rechargeable lamp requires 3 AA batteries to run (not included). If you plan a short hiking/camping trip and look for a portable lantern that doesn't bulk up or takes extra space, go with this one!

Urban Gear - Portable Pop Up Lantern

Urban Gear's pop-up lantern is slim, portable, and can be used indoors, outdoors, camping, hiking, or outing at night. Compared to the size, the lantern elicits great luminosity with 300 powerful lumens built inside. As it provides 360 degrees of light emittance, it can cut through the darkness surrounding you for a clearer vision. It's durable and made to toil with harsh weather and climates like thunderstorms, snowstorms, hurricanes, etc. It also helps that the lantern is built with IPX4 water-resistant materials. The lamp is powered by 3 AA batteries, but they aren't included inside the pack.


When choosing a lantern for outdoor adventure, we suggest you buy a durable, waterproof, mid-ranged lantern with intense luminosity and different light modes. Battery charging or USB charging - that's your choice. Still, we find battery charging to be more useful when going for outdoor adventures. The suggested lanterns in today's article are perfect for outdoor trips.

That's all we have to say! Hope you found our piece of advice helpful and worthwhile. Lastly, don't forget to check our lanterns from Wildog. See you soon!

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