9 Best Backpacks For Hiking And Camping Trips

9 Best Backpacks For Hiking And Camping Trips

Hiking or trekking is fun once you get the taste of it. Surely they can be risky if you aren’t cautious enough, but overall, hikers find it a great way of relaxation and spending time in nature and peace. Whether you love or hate hiking, it totally depends on your hiking experience. The experience can be bad or good depending on the gears and tools you take for hiking. Yes, selecting hiking gear is the most crucial task to make your hiking journey a lot smoother and manageable. Some of the important gears are hiking/camping backpacks, sleeping bags, a pair of high-quality hiking boots and pants, and a bunch of stuff. Today, we will be talking about the most essential hiking tool, the backpack.

Backpacks For Hiking And Camping

Choosing a backpack is simple yet very complex. The backpack carries essential items inside, and therefore you need one that’s very durable and water-resistant. You also have to be mindful of your backpack’s weight; too heavy, and you will hurt your shoulders and back. You see, searching for the best hiking/camping backpack feels like a quest, and it should be. You don’t want to end up spending money on the wrong bag, right? Therefore, we are here to help you find the best camping backpack that can be used for hiking. Let’s dig in!

Best Backpack Overall - Osprey Aether/Ariel

Osprey has been one of the best budget camping brands in the market, and they make absolutely genius backpacks for outdoor adventures. Hikers just love Osprey, especially the Ariel/Aether backpacks. Both are the same in terms of looks and functions; they are just targeted for different genders, with the Aether being men’s backpack and Ariel being women’s. If you seek a durable, lightweight, and stylish looking bag, look no further than these hiking bags. The Aether/Ariel bag is great for carrying extra gears with you because it got a few spacious pockets. They both have AirScape ventilated back panel that helps to keep you cool during warm hiking days. These backpacks are so big; you can fit a camping tent inside.

Best Backpack For Men - Osprey Volt 60

The Osprey Volt 60 is another gem from Osprey’s collection, and we are digging it. The design of the pack is sturdy yet stylish and suits every man. Pack with a tonne of necessary features like extra pockets and an insane level of adjustability. You can adjust the frame and belts based on your length and weight. The suspension system is pretty comfortable delivered with well-padded straps. Crafted with durable waterproof material, this bag is a little heavier than the others, so it can feel like a load to carry. However, the price point is excellent for such a mightly backpack. 

Best Backpack For Women - Osprey Viva 50

We just spin back to Osprey, don’t we? In terms of Viva 50, this backpack is for ladies. Like Volt 60, Viva 50 is also stylish, comfortable to carry, and can provide outstanding versatility. They also have quite a lot of pockets with them. However, some pockets are way too small than the others and not suitable to put large things like bottles, boxes, etc. Viva 50 is very budget-friendly and can be taken for shorter hikes. The size might be a little small, but it fits you, then great.

Best Budget-Friendly Backpack - Venture Pal 40 L Hiking Backpack

This budget camping backpack is not only great for camping but heavy-duty hiking as well. Venture Pal’s hiking backpack stands out because of its dirt-cheap price and lightweight. The backpack is made of high-quality nylon fabric that prevents tearing or water from seeping inside. Amongst all the pockets, there’s one additional waterproof pocket to the main compartment to separate wet or sweaty clothes from contacting the dry belongings. The heavy-duty metal zippers are sturdy and corrosion-resistant. The backpack weighs only 0.7 pounds and can easily be folded into its own pockets for saving up space. As for providing comfort to your shoulders and back, the straps are designed by a breathable mesh with sponge padding. With the capacity of 40L, you can almost shove bigger things like sleeping bags, tent equipment inside it easily.

Best Short-Term Hiking Backpack - Deuter Speed Lite 20

Looking for a backpack for a short hiking session? You can’t go wrong with picking Deuter Speed Lite 20. For a simple day hike, you don’t need a heavy backpack of 40 L; a simple 20 L pack will do fine. For a 20L bag, Deuter Speed Lite should be your first choice. The backpack is sturdy yet remarkably lightweight, weighing over a pound only. In this pack, you get a lot of pockets and storage spaces suitable to keep your necessary hiking items in them. It has a detachable hip belt with padded back support. The back support is padded with an AirScape feature for letting air pass through and make your back less sweaty. The price range is very digestible, and that’s another plus.

Best Long-Term Hiking Backpack - Deuter Air Contact

We have covered a backpack for daytime hiking, so it is fair to include a backpack for longer hikes. Presenting Deuter Air Contact, a backpack that’s a little weighty but super comfy to carry and travel. This backpack is built keeping long hikes into consideration, so you will have all the necessary features you need for a long hiking pack. The Deuter Air consists of a detachable rain cover that keeps your items absolutely moisture-free. The dual-zippered cargo pockets are water-resistant spaces where you can put anything from damp to wet clothes without worrying about getting your dry items wet. The shoulder straps and waist belt are adjustable and perfect for carrying enormous loads and pressure. It also contains a ventilation system that keeps you cool while you are taking a hike. It can be a fantastic dupe for Osprey Aether if you are budget conscious. 

Best Travel Backpack - Nomatic Travel Pack

If you are going on a short trip and feel like not taking a backpack or if your friends suddenly plan a hiking trip in the vacation and you have no backpack with you, Nomatic Travel Backpack is here to the rescue! Nomatic bags can serve as both a travel bag and a hiking backpack. It is very light and efficient and can handle any kind of situation thrown upon. The pack is very tough and offers decent water resistance while you are walking on the trail. Although it doesn’t consist of many pockets with zippers like your traditional backpacks, it still does a brilliant job carrying your important stuff on the hike. Nomatic Travel Pack is mainly suitable for day hikes and camping trips. If you require a durable, light, and waterproof camping backpack, you can choose the Nomatic pack as well.

Best Travel Backpack - Wildog

Best Backpack For Photographers - WNDRED PRVKE 31

Now, if you are a photographer, a bigger spaced hiking backpack isn’t enough to carry your hiking and camera gear. We recommend you use WNDRED PRVKE 31 bag for that purpose. The bag promises quality and chock-full of compartments to hold your special equipment. You can at least put in 2 cameras and 3 lenses with other hiking essentials. Yes, you won’t fit a lot of stuff if you are deciding to put all the camera parts but still can manage to keep a water bottle, food box, and flashlights inside. It’s a little on the heavier side compared to other hiking backpacks, so you might tire yourself by dragging it along. Adding a few extra shoulder straps with it would have solved the problem. But overall a great backpack for photographers.

Best Backpack For Kids - G4Free Hiking Backpack

When it comes to camping or short hiking trips for kids, you want to pick a backpack that’s exceptionally lightweight to avoid causing back and shoulder pain. G4Free Hiking Backpack is a preferable option for kids. The pack is made from high-quality tear and water-resistant nylon fabric that confirms the durability. The pack has enough rooms for keeping trekking poles, sleeping bags, camp tent tools, etc. The backpack also comes with a chest strap to securely lock itself with the wearer. A large side mesh pocket is present to hold your water pot. All in all, a light and travel-friendly bag for kids who enjoy being outdoors.

Honorable Mention - 42 L Military Backpack 42 L

Need a jumbo and strong backpack for heavy-duty hiking? Military Backpack is an excellent pick as it is tough and giant, consisting of 42 liters of volume. The backpack has two large compartments, two compartments in the front and one in the back. The large compartment has an elastic strap to hold laptops and other bigger stuff inside. The compartment has small mesh pockets as well to help to organize things. The molle webbing system of the pack is designed for attaching additional Mole tactical pouches or gear. Waterproof and durable this enormous backpack is made of 900D Oxford and Nylon fabric. This dual-zippered bag also contains back and shoulder straps with adjustable chest straps for air-ventilation and comfort.

Here is a precise list of packs from some of the best camping backpack brands. Hope you found our suggestion useful in order to pick the best hiking backpack for hiking. Do you own any of them? Share your experience with us. Till then, take care!

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