What You Need To Know About Dog Anxiety Wraps/Jackets

What You Need To Know About Dog Anxiety Wraps/Jackets

Dogs really are man's best friend. They help us out with simple things; they put themselves between danger and us; they play with us and comfort us when we are sad. In return, all they want is our unconditional love. So it falls to us to provide our best friend with the best life possible. Knowing what stresses out your dog will help a lot in this regard. Each dog is different, and they each have its stress-inducing stimuli. Sometimes all the training in the world won't be enough to quell the anxiety issues a dog has. 

A warm hug works wonders during those times, and if you can't do it on your own, then an anxiety wrap or jacket is the best option out there. These anti-anxiety dog wraps are for those situations where only a soothing, reassuring touch can calm the nerves. It's like swaddling an infant. It's not "hocus-pocus." It's actual science at work. Because of how these things work, there has been an increase in demand for good quality anti-anxiety dog wraps. However, people find it harder and harder to get one that fits their style sense while also serving its purpose. 

We here at WillDog provide loving dog owners with the best dog care products to ensure your dog has an excellent quality of life. So we thought we should let you know all there is to know about the best dog anxiety jackets. We will start first by talking about dog anxiety and then talk about the other stuff. So without further delay, let's begin!

What Is Dog Anxiety?

We often think that stress is only for humans. However, it's a common phenomenon that you can find in all animals and especially in pets. From fish to dogs to ponies, all pets can suffer from stress-induced anxiety. Anxiety in dogs can stem from a wide range of situations like traumatic experiences or a lack of socialization. It is often displayed through many different quirks or anxious behavior like shaking, urinating in the wrong place, running away, constant licking, biting, or other similar habits. 

While some destructive behaviors can arise from anxiety, they tend to be rare, but it is always good to keep a lookout for these sorts of quirks. New dog owners often don't know or understand dogs' anxiety, but remember, like you, your dog can get scared, angry, or sad over something. As dogs can't speak, it becomes hard for them to relieve their stress, resulting in certain odd traits. 

So experts came up with a simple solution to quell anxiety in dogs, and that's where the anti-anxiety jackets or wraps come into play. Now that you know what dog anxiety is and what it can look like, let's talk about anxiety vests or wraps work and when to use them. 

How Does Dog Anti-Anxiety Jackets Work & When To Use Them?

Anti-anxiety jackets work like a hug. Imagine yourself in a stress-induced anxiety attack and how valuable a simple hug would be to you. It can make a ton of difference and can help you avoid a complete meltdown. That's precisely what an anti-anxiety wrap does for a dog, using compression to invoke a sense of reassurance within the dog. These vests invoke a specific sensation within the dog that the dog finds calming even in high-stress situations. We've seen dogs be calm and cool around places they don't even like when wearing a vest. 

Anti-anxiety jackets make the dog feel like someone is holding them and that they are protected and safe. It's not that dissimilar to comforting a baby. So when do you need anti-anxiety jackets for your dog? These vests or jackets come in handy during times when there is a lot of loud noise. So if there's a huge thunderstorm coming or if it's the Fourth of July or New Year's Eve can especially be stress-inducing for dogs due to the high decibel atmosphere. Remember, your dog will usually get triggered in these situations because it is an instinctive survival mechanism, so be prepared beforehand. 

For dogs that showcase exaggerated reactions in stressful situations, measures like drugs and calming aids work, but we've seen that a good quality anti-anxiety jacket works just as well. While training your dog helps, the stressful situations are often spontaneous, and dogs often find it hard to adjust. Experts from all sides use these anxiety-relieving vests on dogs. You will see that dog shelters, veterinarians, and trainers all use anti-anxiety vests on the dogs they work with to avoid drugging the animal. Here are some examples of professionals using anti-anxiety jackets for dogs:

  • Dog shelters use anti-anxiety wraps for dogs they have rescued and/or is a victim of abuse. 
  • Vets use the wraps to ensure the patient (dog) is calm when administering medicine or shots. 
  • Trainers use anti-anxiety jackets to train dogs to be more comfortable around their surroundings and gain self-confidence.
  • Breeders use the vests to get rid of the dog's shyness. 
  • Dog owners who have dogs with separation anxiety use the anti-anxiety vests to keep the dogs calm until it gets used to the new surroundings

So now that you know how it works and when you need to use them, we can move on to finding you the best anxiety jacket for dogs. In the following passages, you will find which criteria you need to look at to know the best option for your dog. So let's begin!

How To Choose The Best Anti-Anxiety Jacket For Dogs?

How To Choose The Best Anti-Anxiety Jacket For Dogs - Wildog

While brands are great for most products, we feel that finding the right fit matters more than just the name of a company. You as a dog owner should be looking into the product's characteristics to ensure it will be the right fit for your dog. When weighing up your options, check for the following things:

The Fit & Compression

Remember, you want your dog to feel relieved and not more stressed. Make sure the anti-anxiety jacket you choose isn't too loose or too tight for your dog. Overly tight jackets usually incur more stress in the dog and, in severe cases, restrict the movement and hamper body functions. Meaning it can be harmful and even fatal to the dog. Vests usually come with size indications stated for the weight of the dog. 

So make sure you know your dog's weight before buying an anti-anxiety jacket. You will see many vests come with labels like "Small" or "XL"; however, that would mean you would need to find a manufacturer's size chart. WillDog can help you out here. Talk to one of our representatives, and they will show you the best option for your dog. Velcro straps are usually better for the dogs and try to buy vests with reliable closing straps. 

The Materials

When choosing the best anti-anxiety jacket for dogs, the manufacturing materials are a prime indicator of how good the product is. For the most comfortable option, cotton vests are fantastic, while nylon offers incredible durability. However, polyester vests tend to be the best anti-anxiety jackets as they are durable and comfortable. 

Make sure when choosing a vest you choose one with materials that make the vests breathable and durable. A mix of the materials we mentioned above also works. The trick is to find an anti-anxiety jacket that won't feel bulky and put additional stress on your already stressed-out dog. Remember, the vest doesn't have to be the softest but offers the optimum compression that makes the dog feel safe.


We've found that often the best anti-anxiety wraps are made up of a mixture of cotton and polyester and sometimes with nylon as well as the third ingredient. The materials used determine how you should clean the vests. Polyester and nylon require a different method of cleaning than cotton vests. 

So make sure you know how to clean the vests properly when buying. We often found that the manufacturer's instructions are the best in washing scenarios, so make sure you check them out before putting them in your washer. If you are someone who is crunched for time, then choosing a machine washable anti-anxiety vest might the best option for you. 


While we say it is optional but usually it's not. People love to showcase their sense of style through their pets and vests, while offering comfort can be a fun pet accessory. So choosing a color that fits your sense of style might be something you need. Also, if your neighborhood has many dogs that are of the same breed as yours, then having a color-coded vest will help you find your dog amongst the rest.

While WillDog does offer a wide range of colors when it comes to anti-anxiety jackets for dogs. We recommend you make your choice based on the features and support it can provide your dog. Remember, it's more of a medical equipment than a fashion accessory.

Now you know how you can find the best anti-anxiety jacket for dogs. Follow these instructions, and you will be able to make the right choice for your dog.

Find The Right Choice

So there you go, that's all you needed to know about anti-anxiety jackets for dogs. We made sure to include everything there is to know about finding the best option for your dog. However, you have to keep in mind that each dog is different, and your dog will have different needs. So make sure you find the store that offers you the best options. 

Check dog anxiety jacket reviews if needs be. Talk to stores and find out more about their products on offer, ask them about the details and then match it with your dog to see if the product is the right fit or not. Remember, your dog's stress can be easily managed with the right vest, so complete your due diligence and choose the right one.

You can also check out the WillDog store to find the best dog anxiety wraps or jackets. So that's about it for now. Let us know in the comments below if your dog has stress-related anxiety or not. Hit us up on our socials and show us pictures of your dog. We love to hear from you and let us know what you would like for us to about. We will come back soon with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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